miércoles, 9 de septiembre de 2009


Tras la compra de Marvel a manos de Disney, Warner no se quedó atrás y decidió repotenciar a DC Comics, aprovechando de poner figuras de peso en cargos clave. Una batalla se viene y todo indica que los vencedores serán los lectores y fanáticos en todo el mundo.

Warner Bros. is hoping to bring some Harry Potter magic to its DC Comics brand.
Sick of being second banana to comic book competitor Marvel Entertainment in the movie world, the studio has brought DC in-house and appointed Diane Nelson, a brand management executive who has overseen the Harry Potter franchise since 2000 to run the unit.
Along with the move, Warner Bros. is changing DC Comics' corporate name to mirror that of its rival. The division will now be known as DC Entertainment.
While Warner's move has been long rumored in Hollywood, it comes just a week after Walt Disney Co. agreed to acquire Marvel for $4 billion.
Warner is hoping Nelson will be able to duplicate Harry Potter's amazing track record with DC's rich library of characters across movies, television, video games, the Web and consumer products. The Potter franchise, the most successful in the studio's history, has generated more than $5.4 billion in worldwide box office and billions more from DVDs, video games and other markets.

La nota completa del Los Angeles Times la pueden leer aquí.

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